Anthony Efrat I enjoy sharing my passion for the automotive car with love and also reading books about Cars, Racing, and the Automotive Hobby.


24 Stories by Anthony Efrat

New 2021 Gladiator EcoDiesel Model

Finalized fuel economy figures for the Gladiator EcoDiesel from the Environmental Protection Agency prove it’ll be the most efficient Gladiator you can buy, too....
1 min read

Porsche Taycan vs Tesla Model S vs BMW M5 vs Polestar 1 (2020)

 Supercar speed, usability and clean power; the Porsche Taycan and Tesla Model S promise it all. Which is best? And might a V8 BMW...
13 min read

Great Porsche 935 review

How do you feel about this car? Because it split the CAR office down the middle on its reveal in 2018. To some of us Porsche’s...
3 min read

Cool New Kia Soul EV electric review

From its stormtrooper face to its insane, two-tone rear and boomerang-shaped taillights, every inch of the Kia Soul EV’s exterior has been styled to...
4 min read

Amazing BMW 330e Review

BMW might be expecting a quarter of all 3-series buyers to opt for the new 330e plug-in hybrid, but will they simply choose it...
4 min read

Amazing Mercedes EQC review

Where the funky, early-adopter BMW i3 wore its EV heart on its sleeve, just as Tesla’s disrupter Model X screams fresh thinking from its...
3 min read
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