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24 Stories by Anthony Efrat

Great Toyota C-HR hybrid review

The Toyota C-HR signalled Toyota’s… well, not rebirth, as such, but certainly the company’s renewed focus on making regular cars that were more than...
3 min read

Porsche Taycan 2020 Review

Here are the Porsche Taycan 2020 review and it takes longer to correctly pronounce “Porsche Taycan” than it takes to accelerate up to 60...
3 min read

Review Ford Fiesta ST Performance Edition 2019

Now we will review Ford Fiesta ST Performance Edition 2019 and as we know that the Ford Fiesta ST is our favorite junior hot...
2 min read

Peugeot 508 2019 review

And here is Peugeot 508 2019 review and if You’ve got to love marketing speak. Sometimes it states the bleedin’ obvious, sometimes you simply...
5 min read

Review Mercedes-Benz GLE 400d-2019

Here is the review Mercedes-Benz GLE 400d-2019 and the GLE 400d uses a 2.9-litre straight-six turbodiesel producing 325bhp and a hefty 516lb ft. You...
2 min read

Crazy Features On High-End Luxury Cars

Hi readers….Here are the Crazy Features On High-End Luxury Cars and they’re not called high-end luxury cars for nothing. They take opulence a step...
3 min read